Important Things to know about International Students for Faculty and Staff

All J-1 international students:

  1. Need to complete a full course of study during the fall and spring semesters. (Summer semester is not required unless student is on initial status)
    Undergraduate students – 12 credit hours
    Graduate students – 9 credit hours
    Doctoral students – 6 credit hours

    Note: provisional acceptance to a program or academic probation/suspension is not an exception to this rule.

    Deviations from full course of study can only be approved by Claudia Biscardi (RO – Responsible Officer) prior to the student dropping below full-time enrollment. The International and Multicultural Programs Office is located at Landon Student Union suite 202B and can be reached at X3082.
  2. Must come to the International and Multicultural Programs in person to have their registration hold removed every semester. Every international student will have a registration hold placed every semester. Academic advisors or other administrators cannot request to have them removed for the student. Requests by phone, mail, email or fax will not be responded to unless the student is a continuing student attending a Barry campus furthers than 25 miles from the main campus.
  3. Need an endorsement on the first page of their DS-2019, when they travel out of the country. Only a Responsible Officer or Alternative Officer can sign a DS-2019 form, when they travel out of the country. We have one Responsible Officer and two Alternative Officers RO/ARO on campus. Academic advisors / deans or athletic coaches are not ROs nor AROs.
  4. Can work off-campus only if they have received authorization from a RO/ ARO prior to starting employment. The application procedure for this benefit is available at the International and Multicultural Programs’ website
  5. Can work on-campus up to 20 hours a week during the spring and fall semester and up to 40 hours during winter and summer breaks as long as the student is in status. Only the International and Multicultural Programs Office can confirm their status.
  6. Need to apply for a program extension before the date on the current DS-2019 form. This should be done one semester prior to the expiration date. One of the documentation items required to apply for program extension is a letter from academic advisor explaining the reason for the delay. Extension request forms are also available at IMP’s website
  7. Must have change of major reflected in their student record (AIS) in order to have a DS-2019 issued to reflect the change of major. Please remember, a DS-2019 Form must always be reflective of the student’s academic pursuit while in the U.S.
  8. Must report to IMP any changes of address within 10 days of the change. Change in marital status or any aspect of the program of study is to be reported as well within such time change.
  9. J-1 Students can apply for academic training (AT) The period of academic training cannot exceed the period of time spent as an enrolled student. Work must begin no more than 30 days after completion of study. Application for academic training must be made well in advance of the program expiration date on the DS-2019 as a valid DS-2019 form, is required at all times. In addition, the following conditions apply:

    Non-Degree seeking students
    • The combination of time spent as a student plus time spent doing Academic Training can be a maximum of 24 months.

      Degree seeking students
    • Generally, 18 months cumulative throughout all programs is allowable, meaning that if 4 months were used at the Bachelor’s level and 8 months at the Master’s level, there would be 6 months left for use during a doctoral program.
      • More than 18 months can be approved  if necessary to satisfy mandatory requirements of the program
      • Doctoral students may receive an additional 18 month period following completion of the doctoral degree. This results in doctoral students being eligible for 36 months in total.
  • Athletes should not engage in playing a sport until they have clearance from International and Multicultural Programs Office.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please call International and Multicultural programs Office at 305-899-3082 or