Environmental and Earth Law Stipend

Barry offers an Environmental and Earth Law Stipend to eligible student(s) who will be focusing on Environmental Law. In 2012, the Dean awarded stipends to two incoming students who submitted compelling essays about why they want to practice Environmental Law. Barry’s stipend program is designed to reward and encourage students who have a passion for Environmental and Earth Law.

To be considered for the stipend, an incoming student should meet the following criteria:

  • 3.0 Undergraduate GPA
  • 147 LSAT score
  • 1,000 word essay discussing the reasons the applicant wants to practice in the environmental field (essays should be submitted via email to Christene H. Ford, Barry’s Interim Director of Admissions,cford@barry.edu)

A faculty member will review the essays and make a recommendation to the Dean, who will award the stipend to one or more eligible students. Recipients of the stipend must fulfill one of the following:

  • Successful completion of three courses related to environmental law; or
  • Active participation for two years in a student organization related to environmental law; or
  • Preparation of a paper on an environmental topic that satisfies the upper level writing requirement