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August 1, 2011 - 12:31 am

Teen sentences pose challenge

After ruling, officials not sure what to do about teens ‘who do horrible things’

By: Sheldon Gardner

Last year the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that teens who had been sentenced to life without parole in non-murder cases must be given a "meaningful opportunity to obtain release" from prison.

That hasn't happened, said a law professor who is an expert on the issue. Instead, those people who have been resentenced because of the Supreme Court ruling have had sentences as low as 25 years and as high as 170 years.

"I believe that the equivalent of life without parole is off the table -- but what is that?" asked Gerard Glynn, associate law professor and director of clinical programs, including the Juvenile Life Without Parole Project, at Barry University. "I think clearly 70 years is life without parole because very few inmates live to be 87," he said. (full article)

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