OWL - Online Writing Lab

Online Writing Lab (OWL) Deadlines and Directions Deadlines:

OWL Services

The OWL and the on-line tutoring it offers provide Barry University students with an accessible forum in which they can improve their papers and writing skills by collaborating through the Internet with writing consultants.

The Online Writing Lab, like the Writing Center, is a service available to students who are typically working on writing assignments in their course work who need assistance in revising or editing process. All students who utilize our tutorial services must engage in an exchange with the tutor who is making recommendations. Generally, the focus of our tutoring sessions is particular written assignments with which the student is having difficulty. We attempt to help the student find ways to improve their written assignment so that we will produce better writers. 

The cyber environment of the OWL enhances the learning process by allowing the student to work at a pace and in an environment that are sympathetic to their educational needs.

OWL Policies

  • Students must submit a separate OWL request form for every assignment they intend to send to OWL.
  • Writing tutors will not work on students’ graduate theses and dissertations.
  • The Writing Center will only review a particular paper or an assignment a total of two times.
  • Students are welcome to send emails to tutors for an additional feedback.
  • It takes up to five (5) business days to review an assignment. Students are encouraged to plan ahead.
  • Students should use only their Barry email account to submit papers to OWL.

Submission Guidelines

Please allow 24-48 hours (during regular business hours excluding Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) for a response. You will then be given authorization to submit your assignment.

Please allow five business days for a response on your document. If a paper has 10 pages or more, OWL tutors will review the first 10 pages of the paper. Students then have to revise the entire paper based on the suggestions and recommendations provided by the OWL tutors on these first 10 pages. Students may submit the revised paper for a second review.

We suggest that students submit papers at least 10 days before the assignment's due date.

Feedback Request Form

Once you have submitted your request using the OWL Services Request Form, we will email you with further instructions on how to submit your paper.