Writing Center Resources for the Student Writer

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This website contains tutorials, FAQs, APA blog, sample APA papers, and other resources that enable students to improve their writing, master the APA Style, and learn the conventions of scholarly publishing.

This online resource provides users with over 200 free resources such as writing and teaching writing, research, grammar and mechanics, style guides, ESL (English as a Second Language), and job search and professional writing.

This Web site maintained by Capital Community College allows users to check grammar and ask questions about writing. The site’s numerous interactive vocabulary quizzes will help students improve their reading skills.

This site helps anyone who uses ENGLISH AS THERE SECOND LANGUAGE to help with grammar, phrasal verbs, idioms, slang, and there are many online quizzes available in subjects like: writing, grammar, and reading comprehension.

This site is a free online talking dictionary of English to help your pronunciation with words and terms.

This site has helpful tips and pointers for writing a paper with online practice activities to help you improve your paper writing skills. It offers help with informal essays, thesis/support essays, argumentative essays, and exploratory essays. It also offers help with editing, organizing and revising your papers.

Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

This site helps you to understand the differences between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing.

This site will help to show you how to paraphrase and quote accurately.

Practice Paraphrase

Citation Styles

The Writing Center has many handouts on grammar, research documentation, and other aspects of writing. We also maintain a library of reference books open to all students, faculty, or alumni during our regular hours. Come to the Writing Center for:

The Writing Center maintains a small library of resources that includes the following:

  • Research Guides
  • Style Manuals
  • Handbooks
  • Documentation Guides
  • Dictionaries
  • Thesaurus
  • English Grammar

We also have handouts that address an array of specific concerns that a writer may have.

Download the handouts in Microsoft Word format:


  1. Apostrophe
  2. Apostrophe Rules
  3. Apostrophe – Mini Lesson
  4. Article Use
  5. Articles & Determiners
  6. Capitalization
  7. Comma
  8. Conjunctions
  9. Fragments, Run-Ons, & Comma Splices
  10. Fused Sentences
  11. Grammar & Usage Diagnostic
  12. Homonym
  13. Hyphens
  14. Pronoun
  15. Pronoun Rules
  16. Run-On Sentences and How to Fix Them
  17. 5 Sentence Combining
  18. Tips for Verbal Dieting

Writing process

  1. Audience
  2. Clarity & Conciseness
  3. Joining Idea
  4. Parallelism
  5. Prewriting Skills & Writer’s Block
  6. Thesis Statement
  7. Timed Writing
  8. Topic Sentences
  9. Visual 5 Paragraph Essay
  10. Writing Effective Titles
  11. Written 5 Paragraph Essay

Research & Documentation Styles

  1. Academic Writing
  2. Application Essay
  3. Critiques
  4. Planning an Argument
  5. Response Essay
  6. Review Article
  7. Revising Prose
  8. Summarizing a Research Article
  9. Writing Center Favorites

Writing Center's Power Point Presentations

  1. How to Write Papers in Biological Sciences
  2. Formatting References or Works Cited in Word
  3. How to delete extra space between paragraphs in Word 2007
  4. Work Around for Headers in APA

Mini Tutorials

  1. Apostrophe
  2. Capitalization
  3. Comma Splices
  4. Comma Usage
  5. Drawing Conclusions
  6. Fragments
  7. Paraphrasing
  8. Pronoun Case
  9. Pronoun Reference
  10. Run-Ons
  11. Sentence Combining
  12. Word Choice