Capstone Project

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Capstone Project

The final course for the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program is the capstone project. The capstone project was designed to allow students to draw from the entire program so they can develop a comprehensive, in-depth study of a subject of choice. Through this project, students will be able to conduct original research and acquire the skill to integrate a lot of information into a coherent argument or report. Students will work closely with a faculty member who is a trained researcher to provide mentorship and guidance.

Also, if you wish to pursue a PhD following the MLS program, the capstone project could help with admissions as it showcases your research abilities and writing skills. It will help prepare you for the dissertation that is usually required in any PhD program.

Examples of past capstone projects listed by title:

  • Exerting a Double Vision in Aurora Leigh: A Feminine Voice in a Masculine Tradition
  • The Case for Gay Marriage: Theological, Political and Social Implications
  • Metamorphosis: A Play
  • The Women of Classical Greece and their Portrayal in the Comedies of Aristophanes: Was Aristophanes' Portray of Women Positive or Negative?
  • The Rise of a Godless Society: Political and Social Implications
  • Liberation Theology: A Social Movement with a Volatile Identity Component
  • Evolution of the Notion of "State" in Athens
  • Violence Against Journalists: The Ongoing Reality of the Media in Latin America
  • The Origins of Modern Culture