MLS Students

Who are Liberal Studies Students

Our Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program attracts a variety of adult professionals who seek to broaden their knowledge within a variety of disciplines. Our students are made up of educators, business owners, PhD hopefuls, recent college graduates, working professionals, and individuals who just love to learn. With this diverse group of adult students, everyone is able to bring their background and viewpoint into the discussion, making this program a unique experience. Not only do students learn from our distinguished faculty, but they also learn from one another in a setting that allows them to explore a multitude of ideas within intense group discussions.

Our graduates feel this program drastically improves their public speaking skills, written communication skills, and most importantly, their way of thinking. With the wide breadth of courses throughout the program, students are able to connect the dots between what has happened historically and how it has affected human life today. Students leave with a well-rounded understanding of the human condition and are now able to construct well thought out questions about the status quo.

The MLS program invites adult students who have a passion for learning, and who currently hold a bachelor's degree, to experience this dynamic and enriching degree program. More about admissions requirements.