What students are saying about the MLS program

Ray Infante

"The most impactful aspects of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Barry University are not found in any particular class; it's a subtly-shocking realization that slowly develops and assures you that you can no longer see or understand anything, including yourself in quite the same way. A broad exploration of the human experience that transcends history, philosophy, literature, poetry, music, and every other human expression leaves an imprint, somewhere deep in the consciousness and the student is transformed forever.

This program is for those who seek a transformative experience that will allow for perception beyond the limits of linear thinking and a greater understanding of what it means to be human."

- Ray Infante, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies 2012

Andrea Bello

"With all my heart, I can honestly say that the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program has been one of the most profound influences in my life. What you learn about yourself and the world around you can only make you a better person and a more responsible citizen. I truly believe that this program changed me as a person, opening my eyes to everything around me."

- Andrea Bello, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies 2012

"The MLS program at Barry is an MA for a true scholar; it is for the student who is no less than passionate about education. With courses in everything from Communications to Critical Theory, Literature to History, the program is a knowledge buffet for those who simply love to learn. I have so enjoyed my time in the program thus far and am continually impressed by the faculty and coursework. I honestly feel as though I am more well-rounded as a human being because of my participation in this program. I cannot thank my instructors and colleagues enough."

- Michelle Iberg, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies 2014