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Library Staff

Administrative Office

Public Services

Reference Services

Technical Services

Archives and Special Collections

Library Administrative Office
Ph: (305) 899-4095
Fax: (305) 899-4792
Rodrigo Castro
Interim Library Director
(305) 899-3768
Carmen Casal
Library Systems Specialist
(305) 899-3290
Public Services(305) 899-3760
Rodrigo CastroManager, Public Services(305) 899-3768
Cesar BarahonaLibrary Tech/ Reserves(305) 899-3942
Beverly BrownSupervisor, Circulation(305) 899-3628
Maritza DassasLibrary Tech/Reserves(305) 899-3942
Carlos GuillenLibrary Tech/ Circulation(305) 899-3760
Gladys HalabyLibrary Tech/ Circulation(305) 899-3760
Vanessa RenfortLibrary Tech/ Circulation(305) 899-3760
TBALibrary Tech/ Circulation(305) 899-3760
Joshua SchroderLibrary Tech/ Circulation(305) 899-3760
James VitalEvening Supervisor of Circulation(305) 899-3760
Interlibrary LoanFax: (305) 899-3775
Marvilean BrownLibrary Tech/ Interlibrary Loan (305) 899-3943
Marcia DixonLibrary Tech/ Interlibrary Loan(305) 899-4050
Reference Services(305) 899-3772
Pamela Beegle
Reference and Instruction Librarian(305) 899-3773
Maria Gonzalez

Reference and Instruction Librarian

(305) 899-3761
Merlene Nembhard

Reference Librarian/
Coordinator, Information
Bibliographic Instruction

(305) 899-4051
Andrew NevelReference Librarian/Coordinator, Information Literacy Instruction(305)981-1195
Philip O'Neill

Senior Reference Librarian/
Coordinator for Theological Resources

(305) 899-3762
Technical Services

Fax (305) 899-4815

Marietta DeWinter
Assistant Director, Technical Services
(305) 899-4813
Asia MaconLibrary Tech/ Copy Cataloging(305) 899-4812
Frances SciurbaLibrarian/ Cataloging(305) 899-4029
Auria RobinsonLibrary Tech/ Copy Cataloging(305) 899-4814
SerialsFax: (305) 899-4796
Cathy PyleSupervisor, Serials (305) 899-3769
Archives and Special Collections

(305) 899-3855

Ximena Valdivia
Manager, University Archives and Special Collections
(305) 899-9855
Dominique St. Victor
Library Technician (Lehman 201)
(305) 899-3852

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