Fall 2007 Issue

Reflecting on History

Barry University’s Fine Arts department presented “Reflections,” a dance concert that paid tribute to critical events and notable figures throughout history. The Feb.15-17 concert was dedicated to the memory of late university provost Dr. J. Patrick Lee and Mrs. Marguerite Hanlon. Hanlon was a university benefactor who taught ballroom dancing at Barry for four years. Both Lee and Hanlon were avid supporters of the dance program. “Reflections,” which included a lecture and dance classes for children, was choreographed by Yvonne Houston and William Crowley with lighting design by Sly Goodridge, a former “Miami Vice” crew member. Houston has been a professor of dance at BU for 12 years and is a three-time recipient of the Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Community grant and the Hannibal Cox Jr. cultural grant. Crowley is an adjunct BU professor, professional dancer and choreographer.