Fall 2007 Issue

Breaking the Chains

In observance of Anti-Slavery Week and Black History Month in February, Barry University’s departments of Africana Studies and Sociology and Criminology hosted a lecture titled “Combating Child Slavery in Benin, Africa.”

The lecture was given by Carmen Morris, the founder of Sanctuary of Moses, an organization that battles child slavery in the West African nation of Benin.

“Children from the age of 3 are at risk of being stolen and sold into slavery where they are made to work at the granite mines of Nigeria, or as domestics or maids in Togo or Benin, or as prostitutes in Italy,” said Morris, who has dedicated herself to ending child trafficking by building schools. “If the children aren’t taken out of this cycle, they sometimes end up becoming traffickers themselves.” Morris, who solicits donations and organizes fundraisers to finance the building of the schools, took part in the groundbreaking of the first school, Sanctuary of Moses, in the town of Adjohoun last August.

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