Fall 2008 Issue

In 3D

The graphic design, photography, and drawings of 12 Barry University graduating seniors were showcased April 5 – September 12 at the Monsignor William Barry Library gallery. The exhibit included artists who use selective focus techniques and 3D stereo imaging in their work, such as Keisha Joseph who says her work is inspired by a fascination with an old technique called stereoscopic photography used to make 3D photographic images. This effect is achieved by taking two photos, approximately 2 ½ inches apart. When the images are viewed with a stereoscope viewer, the brain merges the images to produce the illusion of three dimensions.

“Taking those images in 3D took me back to my favorite childhood toy, the view master, which was just a little plastic toy that allowed you to view images in 3D,” said Joseph.

Other artist featured included photographer Kelly Gavin, who made recreations of 1960s inspired baseball cards using her images of the Florida Marlins players and Serene Qadumm, who uses ink on paper to create intricate designs incorporating universal images and symbols that are inspired by American quilts as well as Middle Eastern needlework and jewelry.