Spring 2010 Issue

A ‘room’ of one’s own

Aran Graham (right) and photographer Cortney Cates are seen in the space that Graham requested be set aside solely for exhibitions of students’ art work.

Fine Arts students are only required to participate in one exhibition during their last semester before graduation. That didn’t sit right with senior photography major Aran Graham.

“I felt that someone needed to step up and create other opportunities to show what the students are working on,” he said.

So Graham requested a space on campus that would be set aside for exhibitions of students art work, and from that, sprung the student exhibition space in Thompson Hall adjacent to the Andy Gato Gallery.

The first show in December 2009 featured 18 pieces from 10 students majoring in photography, painting, and graphic design. That show was followed by “Apples to Apples,” a collaboration between Graham and another photography major, Cortney Cates. The newest exhibition is called “Influences.” Students submitted works influenced by almost anything – a specific image or artist, a style or a song. Whatever they feel inspired by, Graham said.

“This allows students to build their resume as having participated in juried exhibitions, much like the one recently shown inside the Gato Gallery,” Graham said. “And it allows me to have the opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like to curate an exhibition.”