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“What I learned here complemented what I learned in Colombia. It gave me an idea of leadership and business in the United States versus Colombia, which was perfect. I didn’t come here to repeat what I learned there. It was important for me to add knowledge.”

The Andreas School of Business has begun a double-degree Master of Business Administration program that enables business students in Ecuador, Colombia, Spain and Germany to also earn their master’s degree at Barry.

“It makes sense for us because Barry is global and international and the School of Business is also,” says Assistant Dean Paola Moreno, who runs the program. “It’s a good opportunity to collaborate and expand and partner with our universities abroad, bringing diversity and flavor to the program.”

The program is set up so that either an international student from a partner institution can come to Barry, or vice versa . Students complete two semesters of approved coursework at each university and are awarded degrees from each institution for about the same amount of time and money they would spend earning one degree from either.

International students also have access to an optional practical training, which comes with a one-year work permit after graduation that allows them to live and work in the U.S.

The first student to go through the program, Zuleima Bustamante, earned her dual degree from Barry and Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia. An industrial engineer with a minor in computer science, she specialized in international business at Barry. After graduating, she started a small consulting company with former classmates that helps companies in South America do business in Miami and Colombia.

“The program was very good,” Bustamante says. “What I learned here complemented what I learned in Colombia. It gave me an idea of leadership and business in the United States versus Colombia, which was perfect. I didn’t come here to repeat what I learned there. It was important for me to add knowledge.”

Meanwhile, at the School of Law, students have the opportunity to study various types of international and civil law during a summer in Spain through a program partnership with St. Thomas University School of Law. The program prepares students for practicing law in this increasingly interconnected world.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers numerous opportunities for students getting a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies through the Department of History and Political Science. Students have studied in Europe and Latin America and have completed internships in numerous government agencies, international businesses, foreign consulates, embassies, and international service agencies.

Expanding Barry’s Mission Internationally

Other schools at Barry take a different approach – offering students living elsewhere the opportunity to get a Barry-quality education.

The Adrian Dominican School of Education (ADSOE) offers several master's degree programs in Nassau, Bahamas, while the Physician Assistant (PA) Program is now offered in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The programs, developed in 2011 and 2010, respectively, allow working professionals living in those countries to get a higher level of education without having to move to Florida for a year or more. In all cases, Barry's commitment to community service and health are critical components. One of the main goals is to leave behind a cadre of highly-trained professionals who will help those countries build their educational or health care infrastructure from the ground up.

ADSOE offers master's degrees in curriculum and instruction, exceptional student education and organizational learning and leadership. Courses are designed to fit into the lifestyle of working teachers during weekend and summer sessions.

The PA Program in St. Croix focuses on students who plan to stay on the islands to practice medicine upon graduation to serve a population that is vastly underserved medically. The PA students get hands-on hospital experience and actually get a wider scope of practice than they would have because Barry was instrumental in changing the laws governing PAs in the Virgin Islands.

The School of Social Work also features two master's degree programs in cohort format in The Bahamas, making it convenient for island residents to attend graduate school. The courses are taught in Nassau or Freeport and students receive personal attention and experience in Barry's new trauma-informed advanced clinical program from faculty in small class settings.

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