What Can I Do with This Degree?

Mathematical Sciences

Did you know that Barry students have the option to either major or minor in Mathematical Sciences? The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science provides rigorous courses covering all of the basics. Students pursuing a minor will only need to complete a minimum of 20 credits from our selection of department approved courses.

Those who opt for a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences will study the fascinating branches of this major including algebra, probability, statistics, numerical analysis, and discrete mathematics to name a few. Ask one of our helpful advisors how you can incorporate a second specialization of Cybersecurity, Digital Media, or Data Analytics into your degree. These two fields are included with the STEM occupations projected to see a 12 percent growth through 2029.

Is it your goal to step into a math-related career in education, finance, or research? Perhaps, you're aiming for a graduate level degree. Whichever path you choose, we can help you build a strong foundation as a mathematician. Reach the next level in your education and gain a competitive edge in the future job market with Barry!

*Corequisites in physics and computer science are required for all Mathematical Science majors.