Why Barry?

First-Rate Instruction and Academic Advisement

At Barry, we take pride in the professional development of our mathematical sciences students. Potential students have the option to pursue specialization in Data Analytics within our Mathematical Sciences Department, learn from our qualified instructors who are committed to mentoring students and providing guidance through a rigorous curriculum which includes studies in the main areas of algebra, analysis, probability, statistics, and numerical analysis (required co-requisites are physics and computer science).

We See You

The average university student-faculty ratio is 18:1. But Barry offers smaller class sizes, with a 12:1 student-faculty ratio. Compact learning environments are proven to enhance the academic experience of students as they provide opportunities for meaningful scholarly discourse, comradery among peers, and a sense of personalized instruction. To sharpen and master their newly acquired skills, students can also take advantage of private tutoring sessions from the trained coaches in our Mathematics Lab. While students at other universities pack into large auditoriums to receive course lectures, you won’t be lost in the crowd!

Work Towards a Degree That Will Work for You

With a BS in Mathematical Sciences, you will follow a tradition of Barry alumna who go on to graduate studies at prestigious universities including Carnegie-Mellon, NYU, Stanford, John Hopkins, and Northwestern University. Graduates also enjoy exciting career prospects in the financial, government, and private sectors. Nearly 90% of the alumna who participated in our post-graduate survey report that they are either working in their desired field or are attending graduate school.

Our Mission at Barry

Barry University promotes and supports intellectual life and life-long learning and development. We are a global, inclusive community characterized by interdependence, dignity and equality, and compassion and respect for self and others. Barry expects all members of the community to accept the social responsibility to foster peace and nonviolence, to strive for equity and democracy, and to recognize the sacredness of Earth. Barry University is committed to serving local and global communities through collaborative and productive partnerships.