Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with Specialization in Nursing Administration / Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Designed to prepare nurse leaders with a unique blend of nursing, leadership and business skills.

Graduates of the dual program will have the ability to assume leadership in a variety of health-related arenas: hospitals, corporate offices, ambulatory care facilities, and entrepreneurial ventures.

If you are applying for this dual-degree program, you must be admissible to both the MBA program and the nursing program. Admission to the MBA program requires a sufficient undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) and a sufficient Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score to promise success in graduate business studies. If you have already taken the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), you may, with permission from the Director of the Graduate Business Program, present a GRE score in lieu of a GMAT score.

Course Outline. MSN / MBA students take the required nursing and MBA non-elective core courses, along with the nursing administration specialization courses. NUR 696-Nursing Administration Practicum (6 credits) in the Nursing Administration Specialization curriculum will serve as MBA electives to complete the Business portion of the program requirements, for a total of 61 credits.

Nursing Core (16 credits)
NUR 601 Philosophical & Theoretical Bases of Nursing (4)
NUR 611 Situated Context of Nursing (3)
NUR 679 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (3)
NUR 614 Evidence-Based Inquiry I (3)
NUR 624 Evidence-based Inquiry II (3)

Required Courses for Nursing Administration Specialization (21 credits)
NUR 520 Nursing Informatics (3)
NUR 660 Administration/Organization Theories (3)
NUR 682 Leadership/Management Strategies in Nursing (3)
NUR 688 Human Resource Development in Nursing (3)
NUR 674 Financial Strategies for Nurses (3)
NUR 696 Nursing Administration Practicum (6)

Required MBA Core Courses (24 credits)
MBA 603 International Business (3)
MBA 617 Technology and Information Systems (3)
MBA 621 Managerial Finance (3)
MBA 646 Marketing in a Dynamic Environment (3)
MBA 660 Managerial Accounting (3)
MBA 681 Economics for Strategic Decisions (3)
MBA 682 Competitive Environment & Strategy Formulation (3)
MBA 683 Leadership and Strategy Implementation (3)