Core Courses

BMS 505 Biotechnology - 3 Credits

Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field that is a combination of disciplines. In this course the students will be exposed to many of the techniques used in the biotechnology industry. The course is divided into two sections: The immunochemistry module will provide students with a working understanding and the application of sterile techniques, immunochemistry, ELISA techniques, and gel electrophoresis. The molecular biology module will provide students with a working understanding and application of sterile techniques, DNA/RNA extraction and purification, protein identification, electrophoresis, ELISA and PCR techniques.

BIOE 521 Laboratory Safety; Principles and Practice - 3 Credits

This course introduces the students to the principles and practices of laboratory safety in a rapidly changing biotechnology environment. The course is designed to increase student awareness of the importance of safety in the biotechnology laboratory with an emphasis on Fire Safety, Chemical Safety, Laboratory Safety and Blood borne pathogens. The course is divided into three distinct sections. Section 1 deals with general safety issues regarding the workforce and risk assessment. Section 2 deals with fire, chemical and laboratory safety issues regarding training, communication, and compliance with CLIA, OSHA and NFPA recommendations. Section 3 covers issues associated with blood borne pathogens (HIV, TB, Hepatitis B) and how those safety issues relate to a safe laboratory working environment. Completion of the course will prepare students to “work safely” in a biotechnology/health care environment and/or institution.

BIOE 681: Internship - 3 - 6 Credits

This course is the Capstone requirement for the non-thesis Professional Science Masters in Medical Biotechnology. Students will conduct a directed practical research project in a laboratory/business setting under the guidance of an internship mentor. Students will be required to design, implement, and present their research findings. This course will equip the student with many of the workplace skills desired by the current biotechnology industry.