The curriculum for this interdisciplinary program has been developed as a collaborative effort between the faculty of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the D. Inez Andreas School of Business as well as members of our External Advisory Board so as to prepare our graduates to meet the current and future needs of the local and national biotechnology industry. This program will consist of 32 credit hours at the graduate level, including 9 hours of core courses in biotechnology, laboratory safety and an industrial internship component in biotechnology; 9 credit hours of science electives including courses in biochemistry, immunology and genetics; and 9 - 10 hours of professional development, including courses in leadership, marketing and entrepreneurial management. Students may also elect to take 4 – 5 credits of applied biotechnology workshops to develop the “hands on” practical skills that will allow them to be successful in the industry. Course selections are made with the individual assistance of the Course Director allowing for significant student flexibility as you progress toward successful degree completion possibly with 18 months.