These one credit workshop courses in Advanced Study will be held on Friday afternoons and Saturdays and will include either "hands on" training or round table discussions of emerging interdisciplinary fields. The courses will be taught by industry experts or faculty involved in biotechnology-related research and may include assigned readings from current literature, reports and presentations. These weekend workshops are available to participants from outside the Medical Biotechnology MS should space be available. Students may select from 1 - 6 credit hours of workshops with the aid of the program director.

  • BMS 665 Advanced study: Polymerase chain reaction
  • BMS 665 Advanced study: Protein and DNA analysis
  • BMS 665 Advanced study: Chemical Instrumentation
  • BMS 665 Advanced study: Chemistry Manufacturing & Control
  • BMS 665 Advanced study: Good manufacturing Practice
  • BMS 665 Advanced study: Regulatory affairs
  • BMS 665 Advanced study: The business of biotechnology
  • (Additional workshops are available on demand)

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