Student Testimonials

Dr. Lopez,

I’m one of your old students from a couple of years back. I am now a first year medical student at Tulane University and I am studying anatomy. I wanted to take a moment to simply thank you for the fantastic way that you taught me anatomy at Barry the first time around. You were always helpful. Your attention to detail and your understanding were great. I must say your way of presenting and explaining the material was generally superior to most of my professors here in medical school, for what it’s worth.

Milad Memari
MD Candidate, Class of 2018

Dr. Shaw,

Not a day goes by that we don't think back at our time at Barry University. Thanks for making it memorable. We have learned a lot and it has definitely helped up stay head above waters in such a crazy 3-year program.

Veeraj Patel
Class of 2016 Ethics Chair

Dr. Shaw,

I’m currently attending and studying at the Morehouse School of Medicine.

We are taking Biochemistry, and I think I am forever spoiled in reference to this information because they are teaching me the same things you taught but it is honestly not quite as excellent. I am positive they know the information, but they don't command the information. We're on clotting factors, and I showed everybody in my class the application you gave us.

It’s hands down one of the best ways I've seen to learn that type of information.

Thanks for all the help Dr. Shaw.

Samuel Ogbuchi Jr.

Dr. Shaw,

I'm at Ross for medical school. Over the last 2+ years, I've been rotating at hospitals over New York City, and I just completed my last rotation as a student one month ago. Since then, I've been on 6 interviews for residency positions, and I had another 15 or so lined up. This past Friday, I interviewed at a hospital in New York City that offered me a position for the coming year! I formally accepted it. I couldn't be more excited to start. I maintain to this day that the single most important step I took to get to where I'm sitting now was Barry, and specifically your Biochemistry class. It provided the rock solid foundation that I built my medical knowledge on. I can't describe to you how the principles you taught me provided not only the framework to excel on written exams, but also helped in the approach to patients whose pathology stem from biochemical issues. In many cases, I'm able to explain the pathology of diabetes to patients better than some residents. It is a testament to you and the course I was lucky enough to have taken.

Peter Gregos