Fearless Leader

MICHAEL ROBINSON: I graduated from the Univ of Miami in 1994 with a B.S. in Marine Science/Biology, from the Univ of South Florida in 1998 with an M.S. in Zoology, and again from UM in 2005 with a Ph.D. in Biology. I then worked for six years on the UM faculty eventually becoming a Senior Lecturer. My biological research focuses primarily on behavioral ecology and evolution. A second component of my research effort concentrates on techniques to improve scientific teaching at the university-level.


SILVIA MACIƁ, Dept. Biology, Barry Univ.

I graduated from the Univ of Miami with a Ph.D. in Marine Biology and Fisheries. After a two-year stint in Jamaica, I joined the Barry faculty. We have collaborated on a number of studies including reef urchin conservation, parrotfish grazing behavior and the evolution of color and of the social system in a shrimp living on sea urchins. But our most important collaboration is our two boys, Javier and Diego.

YUNQIU (DANIEL) WANG, Dept. Biology, Univ. of Miami

We shared an office annex for six years at UM, and over that time we shared and developed a number of pedagogical techniques. We are currently collaborating on a project to analyze the importance of formative pedagogical techniques in large science classrooms.