Retention Committee

Mission and Function

Charge of the Standing Committee:

  1. Oversee and coordinate retention initiatives initiated within specific academic or support areas. All units of the university will be expected to work with the retention committee in the development and implementation of retention initiatives. The committee ultimately would be held accountable to the ECA.
  2. Recommend, coordinate and assess broader University - wide retention initiatives.
  3. Develop an online information warehouse. This would include a catalog of current literature on retention initiatives as well as a common website for internal retention assessment data and reports.
  4. Assess the core characteristics of our students as well as indicators of student-environment congruence.

Committee Members

  • Barreto, Orlando R
  • Bingham, Stephanie M
  • Castineyra, Magda J - co-chair
  • Cearnal, Donald W
  • Fischweicher, Priva
  • Marzan, Norman A
  • McBee, Charles M.
  • McDonough, Eileen
  • Navarro, Teresa
  • Starratt, Christopher
  • Velazquez, Marcos A - co-chair