Application & Deadlines

Priority Admissions

In order to efficiently meet the needs of applicants, the School of Social Work is now offering a priority admissions deadline period for the fall and spring enrollment periods. Please note that students seeking an early admissions decision must submit their complete electronic application prior to the dates listed below. Students that apply during the priority admissions period will receive an expedited admissions decision, which may be advantageous if you seek immediate information regarding field education placements, registration, scholarships, and financial aid packages.

Please note that the priority admissions deadline does not preclude you from applying to our MSW programs prior to the general admissions deadlines. Due to the high volume of applications and inquiries, students interested in pursuing an MSW at Barry University are encouraged to take advantage of the priority admissions phase, as it will assist with seamless enrollment.


Fall Semester
Priority Admission – February 1st
General Admission – July 15th

Spring Semester
Priority Admission – September 15th
General Admission - December 1st

Summer Semester (advanced standing only)
Priority Admission – February 1st
General Admission – April 15th


Our Admissions Committee strives to evaluate complete applications within four to six weeks. Please note that the committee does not evaluate incomplete applications. Admissions decisions are based primarily on an evaluation of your previous undergraduate and graduate coursework, experience in the human services (paid, volunteer, research, and internship), written personal statement, and letters of reference.


In keeping with CSWE standards, the School of Social Work cannot grant academic credit for life experience or previous work experience, in whole or in part, in lieu of the field internship or any courses in the curriculum.