Personal Statement

The Admission Committee considers your personal statement to be an essential part of your application. It provides you with an opportunity to tell us about yourself, your professional interests, and experiences that have influenced you to pursue an MSW degree. The ability to write and think critically are very important components in the social work profession. Therefore, your personal statement should be organized, thoughtful, and carefully prepared. Be sure to submit your personal statement on separate sheets of paper. Your essay should be typed and double-spaced. It should consist of a minimum of three full pages. Make sure that you sign your personal statement at the end.

Additionally, type your name, desired program, and page number on the upper right-hand corner of each page.

Your personal statement should reflect the following:

  1. Goals related to issues of human diversity that have influenced the development of your interest in social work.
  2. Your view of a current social issue and the role of social work in addressing it. Feel free to comment briefly on the source of your views.
  3. Your reasons and readiness for choosing to pursue a graduate degree in social work, including your reason(s) for applying to Barry University's School of Social Work.
  4. Field Education is the Signature Pedagogy of all Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited programs and integral component of your overall social work education. Field Education is a course. As a social work student, you are expected to adjust your schedule in order to meet all of the social work course requirements of your degree plan, this includes Field Education. In our commitment to support your decision to pursue a degree in social work, please elaborate on how you plan to meet the field course requirements during weekday and daytime hours.*
  5. Describe your professional social work goals and indicate which personal or vocational experiences have influenced your choice.
  6. Your own assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

*We have very limited evening and weekend placements


Please submit a detailed current resume in chronological order, listing paid work and volunteer experience. The resume should also include descriptions of community and leadership activities, other relevant life experiences and all languages read and/or spoken in addition to English.


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