"Admission to Oath" Program Available to New Enrollees

"Admission to Oath" Program Available to New Enrollees

Barry University School of Law is committed to providing you with the skills to successfully practice law and the tools to make the most of those skills.

Our latest such offering is Admission to Oath, an innovative, exclusive program designed to prepare new Barry Law students for law school and the bar exam. From the day you enroll until the day you are sworn in as a new attorney, Admission to Oath gives you full access to some of the most powerful study tools available.

Here’s how it works:

  • As a first-year student at Barry Law, you will receive a new Apple iPad® Air to enhance your academic experience. Your iPad gives you quick, mobile access to important apps for law school and bar exam study, such as Exam Edge, Black’s Law Dictionary, and BARBRI. The iPad, which will be issued during your first semester at Barry Law, is yours to keep.

  • We provide you with free access to some powerful Lexis Nexis 1L study aids. The LexisNexis Q&A series covers five first-year topics: Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, and Torts.

  • Each 1L student will have access to a Personal Academic Counselor, who can help you with your bar exam application, recommend early reading selections, and coach you on the skills required to succeed in law school.

  • We offer several Introduction to Law School workshops featuring tips and techniques for academic success. These voluntary workshops help prepare you for law school before you ever set foot in the classroom.

For full information on the Admission to Oath program, including a complete workshop schedule, email: barprep@barry.edu



iPad is free to new students with paid enrollment in Barry University School of Law. Your iPad will be equipped with Wi-Fi and Cellular capability, and covered by Apple Care+ protection for 2 years.

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., which is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.