A message from the Public Safety Department

A message from the Public Safety Department


If you see something suspicious taking place report that behavior or activity to Public Safety. You should report only suspicious behavior and situations (e.g., an unattended backpack in a public place or someone trying to break into an area). Remember Crime Prevention is everyone’s responsibility.  

Public Safety is always looking for ways to better the Barry Community. We have completed the process of upgrading the card readers of the Landon North and Landon South parking lots. The current card readers are outdated and require several weeks to obtain replacement parts. The new card readers will provide a cost savings to the University, are weather resistant, and easier to acquire. Due to the installation of the new card readers, faculty and staff will need to obtain new ID cards at the Landon Student Union Office (Room 103).

Public Safety wants to remind all owners of motorcycles and scooters that they must register their vehicles to park on Barry University’s property. We now have decals for motorcycles and scooters only. Please come to the Landon Student Union room 100 to receive your decal.

Barry University reminds its students, faculty, staff and visitors that continued caution and vigilance are necessary components of your own personal safety and the safety of all in the Barry community. We encourage all to report crimes and/or suspicious behavior to Public Safety by calling 305-899-3333 or visiting www.barry.edu/publicsafety/silentwitness.htm, a confidential way of providing information via Barry's website.

Keep up-to-date on campus safety by checking out our periodic updates on Bucwis and Barry News. For more information about Barry's Public Safety Department, visit http://bucwis.barry.edu/publicSafety/