New BUCWIS Launched

The Department of Marketing & Communications announces that the new updated format for BUCWIS was launched this week. We have incorporated most of the suggestions we have received over the past year. We hope that you will enjoy the new format which includes banner ads at the top, allowing stories to be visible for a longer period of time. Hovering over each banner will display the headline and clicking on one will take you to the full story. Once you are in the full text of a story you can click on the up/down arrows at the top to move to the previous or next story and continue reading.

The BUCWIS homepage now features additional functionality such as the "I Need to Submit a..." listing which provides quick links to a variety of resources. Calendar items are still being populated. Birthdays were requested as an item for inclusion and will be added. Anyone who doesn't want their birthday included can opt out. 

If any corrections are needed, you are experiencing any difficulties, or you have suggestions, please open a ticket through our website at We look forward to your feedback!