Wellness Day 2014 Faculty/Staff Photo Challenge

Wellness Day 2014 Faculty/Staff Photo Challenge

A photo challenge created especially for you!

This year’s theme for Wellness Day is Wellness Within; Find Your Fit! We encourage you to do some soul searching and really get to know yourself. We believe that having a proportionate balance of the 8 dimensions of wellness:  physical, spiritual, vocational, global, emotional, social, financial and intellectual, truly makes one well.  By looking within, you can see what areas of your life fit you or may need some adjusting.  This challenge is designed for you to go out, snap some shots and show us how “well” you are! 

Below are the 8 dimensions of wellness.  Submitting a photo from each dimension exhibits that we as a Barry family are living a life full of wellness.  When we are well we feel better, perform better, and enjoy life a little bit more.  So get creative, have fun and may the best photo win!


  • Submit a picture from each dimension (8 total) by Friday, February 28, at 5pm.
  • All submission must be sent to wellness@barry.edu
  • You must have a picture from each dimension to qualify.
  • You must be in the picture
  • All pictures must be appropriate
  • Prizes will be awarded based on a) the best photo for each dimension and b) participation.
  • Drawing will be on Wellness Day Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 12:30pm.
  • You must be present to receive your prize.  There will be an attendance sheet near the stage just in case you cannot stay the entire time.



  • Picture of 5 coupons
  • Picture with a Financial Aid advisor
  • Picture of change (coins) saved up from the week


  • Picture of ISR instructor’s signature or wellness class check in (Miller Studio)
  • Picture using the Fitness Center’s gym equipment (Landon)
  • Picture outdoors with your favorite workout gear


  • Picture of you doing your job
  • Picture of you doing volunteer work
  • Picture of you performing a good deed


  • Picture of Cor Jesu Chapel
  • Picture of you in your favorite mediation/relaxation spot
  • Picture of your diary with your favorite empowerment quote or spiritual guidance website, book, or image


  • Picture with Bucky
  • Picture with Barry University team’s jersey (any team) or attendance of a home game
  • Picture of your group of friends having fun (please be appropriate J)


  • Picture of you hugging a tree
  • Picture of you recycling
  • Picture of biodegradable/eco friendly supplies used at home


  • Picture of the word of the day
  • Picture of the last book you read/book you’re reading
  • Picture of you with your mentor (personal/professional/spiritual)


  • Picture doing a relaxation/stress reduction technique
  • Picture of your favorite stress ball
  • Picture of your reflection on your feelings on a diary
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