Summer Non-Paid Leave of Absence Program!

Summer Non-Paid Leave of Absence Program!

Request up to 30 Calendar days of Non-Paid Leave*

The University is offering an opportunity for our employees to participate in a voluntary spring break and summer non-paid leave of absence program.

All 12-month full-time, non-grant employees are eligible* to request up to 30 calendar days of non-paid leave of absence during the week of spring break (March 2-8) and the months of May, June, July or August. An employee can elect no less than 1 week increments and no greater than 4 weeks in total.

The University is implementing this program as part of a cost savings initiative designed to benefit both Barry and the employee. Employees may benefit by saving commuting costs, childcare costs or having the flexibility to make personal plans to cover an extended time period. This program also affords employees the opportunity of having additional job protected time off for personal use without the use of paid time off. For more information or to apply for this program click here.

* Eligibility Requirements: All 12-month full time, non-grant employees who are no longer within their probationary period and have not been subject to disciplinary action within the last 6 months