Psychology students present at 2013 APA Annual Convention in Honolulu

During the summer of 2013, Barry University’s Department of Psychology made a splash at the 2013 American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention in Honolulu, with two undergraduate students and one master’s student within the department presenting their research at the conference, which took place from July 31 to August 1.

Psychology undergraduate students Ashley Stovell and Nicalyn Lubin each presented their independent research. Stovell’s presentation was titled “Rape Victim Responsibility: Rape or Not? and Lubin’s presentation was titled “Psychological Benefits of Acculturation for Haitian Adolescents.”   

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology student Angeliki Argyriou presented her master’s thesis “I Overthink Therefore I Am Depressed: Gender, Gender Roles, Rumination, and Depression.”

Barry Department of Psychology faculty members Linda Bacheller, Psy.D. and JD, assistant professor of psychology, and Pamela Hall, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology, accompanied the students to the convention. 

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