Barry professors write sourcebook on Small Business Entrepreneurship

Barry professors write sourcebook on Small Business Entrepreneurship

Two years ago, three professors at Barry University came together to write a sourcebook, Small Business Entrepreneurship, to help those seeking guidance to launch a new business, revamp an existing business, and/or maintain a business.

Dr. Philip H. Mann, Director of Barry’s Entrepreneurial Institute, who has served our country, owned a school, and previously written nine books, is providing information of his experience over the last 30 years.

“The prime motive is to provide valuable information at an inexpensive price in the area of small business development,” Mann said.

Dr. Kevin Kemerer, Associate Professor of Accounting, is one of the contributors to the sourcebook.  Kemerer wanted to show the importance of understanding every aspect of operating a successful business.

“Most people who start a business don’t have the expertise in all the areas they need,” Kemerer said. “So it’s important to build a good team.”

Rose Marie McClung, Associate Director of the Entrepreneurial Institute, was both a contributor and the editor of the sourcebook.

“We wanted to be sure the entire book would be user friendly,” McClung said. “That is exactly what the final product is.”

This sourcebook can also be used by professors to teach students to conduct business overseas, manage inventory, read profit-and-loss statements, and much more.

Small Business Entrepreneurship can be found online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.