Alternative Breaks Open House

Alternative Breaks Open House

Thursday, October 12, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Landon Events room

Learn from former Alternative Breaks (AB) members and this year’s AB Executive Board about life-changing opportunities to travel to new communities in support of social justice.  Programs planned for this March will take students to:

  • Port-de-Paix, Haiti,
  • McAllan, Texas
  • Immokalee, Florida

Alternative Breaks provides students with community-based immersion experiences designed to build awareness of social, political, and environmental issues through learning, reflection, and service that benefits diverse populations. Participants are encouraged to develop empathy, understanding, and motivation towards action for social justice in local, regional, national, and global contexts. Students develop leadership skills such as effective communication, intercultural knowledge, and critical thinking as well as a long-term commitment to civic engagement. Moreover, students form friendships with one another, build beneficial relationships with faculty and staff advisors, and collaborate with community leaders to address issues in a meaningful way.


Center for Community Service Initiatives
11300 NE Second Avenue, Miami, FL 33161  / 305-899-3696