Building Resilient Communities: Adrian Dominican Sisters & Social Justice

Building Resilient Communities: Adrian Dominican Sisters & Social Justice

Thursday, November 15, 2018
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Kostka Room, Thompson Hall

Zero Waste lunch is included.

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Building resilient communities is an emerging concept focused on helping cities around the world build resilience toward the social, economic, and physical challenges of the 21st century. As Barry University students, faculty and staff, we are called to explore how to “facilitate and participate with those on the margins in creating resilient communities” (Adrian Dominican enactments, 2016). 

This zero waste luncheon will focus on variousdefinitions of resilient communities common today, citing several examples of community initiatives. Background related to the Adrian Dominican Sisters’ interest in investing in resiliencywill be explored, followed by roundtable discussions on action steps to support efforts to foster resiliency in local communities.

Our presenter, Dee Joyner, is the director of the Office of Resilient Communities/Portfolio Advisory Board for the Adrian Dominican Sisters.  Dee is an Adrian Dominican Associate and has graduate degrees in political science from Southern Illinois University; business administration from St. Louis University; and theology from the Aquinas Institute of Theology.


The City of Miami was designated a “resilient community” in 2013 by the Rockefeller Foundation to better support efforts toward economic equality, sea level rise, aging infrastructure, and more. To find out more on the resiliency initiatives being addressed in Miami and local communities, visit

On March 12, 2018, a Resilient Communities Symposium was held in Adrian, Michigan. Five national thought leaders in community development spoke about the role of vision, financial empowerment, racial equity, social justice, environmental justice, and collaboration in creating resiliency. Find highlights from the symposium here.

To learn more about key issues and stances from the Adrian Dominican Sisters, please visit their Engaged in the Mission page.


From your personal experiences, what actions might we take to effectively engage with those on the margins to understand their needs in the context of creating resiliency?       


How could Barry University facilitate and participate with those on the margins and the larger community in creating and sustaining resiliency?  What unique assets could Barry bring to this process?             

For more information, contact the Office of Mission Engagement at or 305-899-3599.