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Program Overview

Students entering this program will build on the foundation they have already set with their first two years of study in the biological sciences, chemistry, physics and mathematics. By the time students reach the specialization stage they are ready to concentrate on courses more focused to their chosen discipline of Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Students will satisfy credits in upper-level biology courses, as well as the remaining required general distribution courses, before embarking on the last leg of the program, the Clinical Experience.  The Nuclear Medicine Technology Clinical Experience includes a twelve- to fifteen-month internship at an accredited school of nuclear medicine technology affiliated with Barry University. Students must apply to the affiliated schools directly for admission into their nuclear medicine programs. Admission to Barry University and to the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Biology with a Specialization in Nuclear Medicine Technology Program does not guarantee admission to the affiliated schools of nuclear medicine technology. Successful completion of the Nuclear Medicine Technology Clinical Experience is required for successful completion of the program.

Admission Requirements

Barry students already enrolled in the Pre-Health Professions Track are eligible to apply to this program as a change of major following two years of initial study and having satisfied the course requirements listed here: Admission to the university or to the Pre-Health Professions Track does not guarantee admission to the specialization programs. If you are a freshman or first-year applicant, or if you are a transfer student and have less than 60 credits, you must first apply to the Pre-Health Professions Track. Please visit here for more information.

Transfer Credits

Students with 60 or more hours of transferable college credits can apply directly to this program. All application materials should go through the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Admissions Office. The University accepts up to 64 credits from a regionally accredited community college and an additional 26 upper level credits from a regionally accredited or internationally recognized university.

Admission to the program requires a GPA of at least a 2.75 and a minimum of 12 credit hours in biology (general biology with lab, anatomy and physiology with labs), eight credits in chemistry (general chemistry with lab and introduction to biochemistry and organic chemistry with labs) and six credits of college-level math (algebra and statistics). If you are not sure whether you fulfill these requirements, please contact the program director at Outstanding distribution requirements can be completed through courses offered by Barry University.


Students will complete their practical and clinical training at an approved and accredited school of nuclear medicine technology affiliated with Barry University. Acceptance to the program does not necessarily guarantee acceptance to the schools offering internships in nuclear medicine technology. Students are responsible for meeting the requirements of the program to which they are applying.  

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