Becoming A #BARRYNURSE | Outcomes

When you graduate, you will have the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to engage as a beginning practitioner. You will graduate with the ability to:

  • Assimilate knowledge, skills, and values from the arts and sciences to provide humanistic, safe, quality care as a nurse generalist.
  • Utilize clinical reasoning to formulate decisions regarding safe, quality healthcare outcomes.
  • Integrate evidence based practice to provide safe, compassionate, and holistic, patient/family centered nursing care in diverse settings.
  • Communicate effectively with all members of the health care team, including patients and their support system(s) to improve patient care outcomes.
  • Integrate health promotion, disease and injury prevention strategies in the care of individuals, families and communities.
  • Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision making in the provision of high quality nursing care.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices to support safe nursing practice.
  • Evaluate the impact of political, legal, and ethical factors on the health of individuals, families and communities from a global perspective Integrate professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct into nursing practice.
  • Integrate professional standards of moral, ethical and legal conduct into nursing practice.

BSN Completion Rates:

Entry Point (Calendar year of enrollment)Number of BSN students enrolledVoluntary AttritionNumber of BSN students who completed within set timeframeCompletion Rate
2016 1852034 81.2%

Overall BSN NCLEX First Time Pass Rates

Calendar year (January 1- December 31)Number Graduates taking NCLEXBenchmark for first- time takersNCSBN First-time Takers Pass Rate
2015149≥80%83.22% (124)
2016 123≥80%84.55% (103)
201799≥80%88.88% (88)
201896≥80%96.65% (22)
2019102≥80%86.18 %

NCLEX RN pass rate for the Accelerated Option students is 100%.