Frequently Asked Questions

Which BLS (Basic Life Support)/CPR class do I have to take?

There are two types of classes:

  • The initial certification is for those who have never taken a BLS for Healthcare Providers class before. It is also for those who have let their cards expire.
  • The renewal certification is for those who have taken a BLS for Healthcare Provider class before and need to renew their cards before they expire.

Please Note: There are many different types of CPR classes available in the community and in the workplace. You need to have done the certification for Healthcare Providers (also called CPR/BLS for the Professional Rescuer) in order to take the renewal class at Barry. You must show a current card, or provide a copy (front and back) at the time of registration in order to be placed in a renewal course.

Where are the classes held?

Classes for new incoming nursing students are usually held in the Wiegand building on the main campus of Barry University. For others, classes are usually held at various other locations. After we have received your payment, an e-mail will be sent the day before class to confirm time and location.

How much do the classes cost?

For new incoming nursing students, the class fees are taken out of the course fees for NUR 319, which is one of the first semester nursing program courses. For others, the initial certification costs $80, while the renewal certification costs $50.

Are there any materials to read before the class?

Yes. At the time of registration, you will be loaned an American Heart Association BLS course book. The book is Barry University’s property and needs to be returned on the day of your class. If you lose the book, mark the book, or wish to purchase the book, please contact the Jason Smith, the AHA Training Site Coordinator for Barry University, Jason Smith.