Online Education Provides Opportunity for Many

Today’s job market is a competitive place. Those looking for a new job, career advancement, or a higher salary need to set themselves apart from the crowd. For many, an advanced degree is one way to do that. However, if one is already working full-time or caring for a family, finding the time to attend school can seem nearly impossible.

Online degree programs can provide the answer to this problem. With a computer and an internet connection, one can fit courses and assignments into busy schedules from the comfort of home. Although there are colleges that exist only online, many traditional universities are now offering online degree programs as well. One such university is Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida.

Barry University is a private Catholic school with a reputation for academic excellence. Obtaining a degree from such a respected institution would certainly be an advantage to one’s career aspirations. Unfortunately, work and family obligations prevent many from being able to attend classes on campus. Online degree programs provide the flexibility needed for these students.

Barry offers both a Master of Arts in Administration and a Master in Public Administration. The Master of Arts in Administration is a graduate program which emphasizes proficiency in knowledge and skills essential to successful administration of organizations of all types. Students learn to evaluate various theories of management as well as apply them to situations. By the program’s end, they can incorporate all they have learned to develop their own administrative policies.

The Master in Public Administration program equips students for work in the public sector. Barry’s program not only stresses evaluating the ideas and practices of various public services but also ingraining a strong sense of ethics and desire to preserve public trust. Graduates will be capable of promoting social justice and affecting societal change through their ability to analyze theories of public administration and policies.

Busy individuals who desire to further their education and procure an advanced degree now have a viable option to do so. The age of online education has opened doors for many who wish for the increased options a graduate degree can bring.