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Course Descriptions


Distribution Courses 45 credits

You must complete 9 credits in each of the following categories:

  • Theology and Philosophy
  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Humanities and the Arts

Portfolio Up to 30 credits

Required Major Courses 45 credits

Courses will be offered on a rotating basis over 8-week terms. Students should plan their programs with their advisor to ensure that courses can be completed in the following sequence.

  • EMA 205 Overview of Disasters and Complex Emergencies
  • EMA 305 Principles of Emergency Management
  • EMA 307 Business Continuity Crisis Management
  • PSY 311 Psychosocial Isses of Disaster Preparedeness and Recovery
  • PHI 353 Biomedical Ethics
  • ADM 353 Leadership Development
  • EMA 315 International Disaster Management
  • EMA 405 Disaster Response Operations and Management I: Mitigations and Preparedness
  • EMA 407 Disaster Response Operations and Management II: Response and Recovery
  • EMA 409 Hazard Mitigation and Management
  • EMA 311 Emergency Management for Homeland Security
  • PSY 410 Group Dynamics and Decision-Making
  • PUB 404 Concepts and Issues in Public Planning
  • PUB 409 Contemporary Issues in Public Safety
  • EMA 499 Capstone in Emergency Management

Minimum Total Degree Requirements 120 credits

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