Bachelor of Science in Administration

Bachelor of Science in Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Administration is designed to provide students with the administrative and leadership competencies needed by all organizations in order to achieve their missions and goals. Courses focus on contemporary organizational theory and practice, with an emphasis on workplace applications. This program is available fully online with portfolio option only. Students wishing to pursue a specialization in lieu of submitting an experiential portfolio may choose a specialization offered at a site location in Florida. Not all specializations are offered at each site.

This unique program includes:

  • Application to private, public, or nonprofit organizations
  • An opportunity to draw on experience from public administration, management, health sciences, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, and environmental sciences

Barry University understands the needs of the adult learner:

  • Classes meet once per week for 8 weeks (evenings or Saturday) or fully online
  • Earn up to 30 college credits from learning acquired through professional work experience and/or community service
  • Transfer previous college credits from accredited institutions
  • Financial aid and grants available for eligible learners (Ask about our financial worksheet to see how affordable a Barry degree is compared with a state university)
  • Personal and professional academic advising

Barry is a military friendly institution

Degree Requirements

Distribution Requirement 45 credits
Administration 30 credits
Portfolio (Required)up to 30 credits
TOTAL DEGREE 120 credits

Students in the online BS in Administration program are required to submit an Experiential Portfolio in order to satisfy the degree requirements.

Students wishing to pursue a specialization in lieu of submitting the Experiential Portfolio may choose a specialization offered at a site location in Florida. These courses are delivered in the classroom. Not all specializations are offered at each site. Students should speak to their advisor about declaring a specialization.

Specializations are offered in the areas of Health Services Administration, Human Resources Administration, Legal Studies, Organizational Leadership and Personal Financial Planning.

Course Descriptions


Distribution Courses 45 credits

You must complete 9 credits in each of the following categories:

  • Theology and Philosophy
  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Humanities and the Arts

Portfolio Up to 30 credits

The online B.S. in Administration online program requires students to submit the Experiential Portfolio. Specific requirements for the portfolio can be reviewed in the PACE Student Bulletin. Students will work with their Academic Advisor through the development of the Portfolio.

Required Major Courses 30 credits

Courses will be offered on a rotating basis over 8-week terms. Students should plan their programs with their advisor to ensure that courses are completed in the proper sequence:

Administration Core (18 credits)

  • ADM 303 Administrative Theory & Practice
  • ADM 306 Services Marketing
  • ADM 353 Leadership Development
  • ADM 412 Quality & Productivity
  • ADM 464 Strategic Human Resources Administration
  • ADM 499 Administration Capstone Course

Administration Electives (12 credits)

  • Any four (3 credit course) in ADM, EMA, HSA, IT, PFP, PLA or PUB prefix, not used to satisfy the Administration Core.

Not all electives are offered fully online. Check with your advisor for current offerings or the current list of available online undergraduate courses.

Course Descriptions

ADM 303 - Administrative Theory and Practice
An examination of the general principles of organizational leadership and administration. Topics include contemporary approaches to leadership, planning, organizing, staffing, and control, and the conceptual foundations of modern organizations.

ADM 306 – Services Marketing
This course will explore services marketing strategies and methods. The focus will be on distinctions which exist in the marketing of intangibles and methods designed to increase the effectiveness of services marketing for private, public and not-for-profit organizations.

ADM 353 – Leadership Development
Analysis and interpretation of leadership skills and abilities. Self-analysis will be used to develop a relationship between current work environments and management theory.

ADM 412 – Quality & Productivity
This course focuses on issues such as continuous improvement, organizational change, teamwork, motivation and leadership which support both quality and productivity in organizations.

ADM 464 – Strategic Human Resource Administration
A comprehensive review of general human resource theories and practices related to managing personnel more strategically. Major topics include staffing, human resource development, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, health, safety, and security.

ADM 499 – Administration Capstone
This is a course in which students integrate and synthesize the learning experience acquired in the administration program. Students will demonstrate mastery through the completion of a research paper, case study and comprehensive exam. Prerequisites: completion of core courses.

Refer to the PACE Student Bulletin for additional course descriptions; the schedule for current offerings; and the list of available online undergraduate courses which is updated frequently as courses are added each term.