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Online Courses

Barry University strives to enhance the learning experience of all students by offering undergraduate courses online! Taking online courses is the ideal way to maximize your time and realize your potential without the expense and inconvenience of traveling and attending courses in a traditional classroom setting. The open-enrollment undergraduate online courses at Barry University are available to all students regardless of major or term. Students can accelerate their degree by taking online courses or gain a competitive edge in the job market — all without sacrificing commitments to job or family. Whether looking to fulfill a final degree requirement or merely gain extra knowledge, you can enroll in the undergraduate education online courses at any time.

Available undergraduate online courses:

  • ADM 301 Labor Relations
  • ADM 303 Administrative Theory and Practice
  • ADM 306 Service Marketing
  • ADM 312 Training and Development
  • ADM 315 Diversity in the Workplace
  • ADM 320 Financial Administration
  • ADM 353 Leadership Development
  • ADM 464 Strategic Human Resource Administration
  • ADM 412 Quality and Productivity
  • ADM 499 Capstone: Applied Project
  • ANT 308 Perspectives in Anthropology
  • BLS 299 Critical Approaches to Liberal Studies
  • BLS 499 Liberal Studies Capstone
  • CAT 102 Basic Computer Applications
  • EMA 205 Overview of Disasters and Complex Emergencies
  • EMA 305 Principles of Emergency Management
  • EMA 307 Business Continuity Crisis Management
  • EMA 311 Emergency Management for Homeland Security
  • EMA 315 International Disaster Management
  • EMA 405 Disaster Response Operations and Management I
  • EMA 407 Disaster Response Operations and Management II
  • EMA 409 Hazard Mitigation and Management
  • EMA 499 Emergency Management Capstone
  • ENG 202 Strategies for College Writing
  • ENG 302 Academic Writing
  • ENG 357 Professional and Career Writing
  • EVS 306 Environment
  • HUM 303 Modern Currents in the Humanities
  • HUM 434 Caribbean Literature and Performance Theory
  • IT 190 Micro-computing Operating Systems
  • IT 200 Foundations of Information Technology
  • IT 372 Software Engineering
  • IT 499 Integrated Capstone Project
  • MAT 106 Survey of Mathematics
  • MAT 154 Introduction to Statistics
  • MUS 321 History of Jazz
  • ORI 202 Fundamentals of Adult Learning
  • PHI 329 Philosophical Approaches to the Environment
  • PHI 352 Bio-Medical Ethics
  • PHI 368 Contemporary Problems in Ethics
  • POS 303 Public Policy and Administration
  • PSY 206 Principles of Psychology
  • PSY 311 Psychosocial Issues of Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • PUB 301 Principles of Public Administration
  • PUB 302 Values and Ethics in Public Administration
  • PUB 310 Methods and Techniques for Public Administration
  • PUB 403 Public Budgeting and Financing
  • PUB 404 Concepts and Issues in Public Planning
  • PUB 405 Administrative Law and Process
  • PUB 406 Human Resources in the Public Sector
  • PUB 407 Productivity Improvement in the Public Sector
  • PUB 408 Public Management and the Political Process
  • PUB 409 Contemporary Issues in Public Safety
  • THE 352 The American Religious Experience

Check back frequently! Online courses are being added each term.

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