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Specialization in Higher Education Administration

This course of study prepares individuals for academic support positions in the field of higher education at the entry and mid-management level (e.g., professional positions in Academic Affairs, Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Activities, Residential Life, School of Professional And Career Education) and specific federal, state, and/or local-level funded programs in community colleges and universities.

This degree program comprises 36 credits and is designed to meet your needs as a working professional.

Program Outline - Master's Program

Core Courses (12 credits)

EDR 601Methodology of Research*
Explores major research designs and methods emphasizing underlying assumptions, inquiry aims, participant selection, data collection and analysis, interpretation of findings, conclusions, and reporting.
HED 648Practicum in Higher Education**
Provides opportunity for general experience in the field of higher education. This practicum gives the student a variety of experiences in areas of higher education that would be new to the individual who is currently working in the field.
HRD 648Work Group Behavior in Organizations
Emphasizes knowledge and skills necessary to build an effective team and team relationships to carry out a work related goal.
HRD 659Adult Learning and Motivation
Examines human learning and motivation for the purpose of creating and facilitating effective learning experiences for adults in a work-related setting.

*To be taken in the first semester of coursework
**To be taken after all other courses have been completed

Specialization Courses (15 credits)

HED 601Current Issues in American Higher Education
Explores those issues of a local, state, national, and international nature that impact the policies, personnel, and general day-to-day administration of an institution of higher education.
HED 626History of American Higher Education
Traces the historical and philosophical roots of higher education in America. Emphasis is given to European contributions to the ideas of the American college, the evolution and diversification of American higher education, and the pattern of higher education as it evolved through the 20th century.
HED 630Higher Education and the Law
Analyses the legal structure of higher education including religion, academic freedom, employment, due process, student rights, accreditation issues, desegregation, tort liability, and other issues.
HED 634Administration of Higher Education
Analysis of colleges and universities as social organizations with special emphasis on issues of administration, organization and governance of higher education.
HED 646College Student Development
This survey course will introduce participants to many of the theories of development that inform student affairs practice. Students will be exposed to the four major categories of college student development theory which include: 1) cognitive-structural, 2) psychosocial, 3) typological, and 4) person-environment.

Typical Electives include (9 credits)

CSL 629Social and Cultural Issues in Counseling
Identifies the needs and issues relevant to counseling special populations. This course will explore the influence of gender, age, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and physical and mental disabilities in the counseling relationship. Counseling interventions appropriate for specific populations will be addressed.
EDU 587Student Services Work in Higher Education
Overviews the fundamental concepts, organization, and administration of higher education student affairs/service work. Current methods and instruments as well as professionalism and ethics are discussed.
EDU 592Workshop in Education (variable)
Investigates special interest areas developed from student needs and community requests. Number of credits depends on individual workshop requirements.
EDU 622Leadership Skill and Change
Acquaints students with major leadership theories. Implementation skills focus on formal and informal organizations, decision-making and the change process. Strategies are included for planning and resource management for change implementation.
EDU 623School and Community Relations
Examines the policies, practices, and strategies in school and community relations.
EDU 649Internship in Higher Education
Provides opportunity for general experience in the field of higher education. This internship would give the student a variety of experiences in those areas of higher education that would be new to the individual who may be currently working in the field.

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