About the School of Professional And Career Education

Welcome from the Dean

I welcome you to Barry University’s School of Professional And Career Education (PACE) and congratulate you on your decision to enroll as a student with us! We have many exciting program offerings specifically designed to meet the needs of adult students.

About PACE

The School of Professional And Career Education (PACE) is committed to the Barry University Dominican tradition and core commitments for adult learners through the breadth and depth of the total academic experience, both multi-culturally and multi-nationally.

PACE provides our adult learner community with access to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and non-credit professional development programs that encourage an interactive approach to learning. We accomplish this through practitioner-focused course content and faculty who are subject matter experts in field.

The Benefits of PACE

  • a statewide network of sites and academic professionals serving the needs of their adult communities
  • courses available in class or online, evenings or weekends
  • pace your academic program according to your schedule and needs - Fall, Spring and Summer terms mini terms also available)
  • transferability of previously earned credits from regionally accredited institutions (internationally earned credits also considered)
  • credits can be earned from professional work experience through our Portfolio program (undergraduate only). See section entitled ‘What is Experiential Learning at PACE’ below.
  • additional credits can be earned through CLEP, military service, licensure and certifications (undergraduate only)
  • professional advisors who provide personalized service in academic, career and personal counseling
  • Have you served in the military? PACE also offers certifying officials statewide to assist with your academic planning. Please visit our military webpage to review all the benefits available through Barry University.

What is Credit for Experiential Learning at PACE?

Our commitment to transformative education is achieved through life-long learning; the Portfolio program offered through PACE is evidence of this Core Commitment of the university.

Recognition of the value of the adult learning experience throughout ones’ professional journey is the essence of the Portfolio program. Since 1974, the School of Professional And Career Education has provided you, the adult learner with a variety of methods to validate college-level learning acquired through non-traditional ways. You may earn up to 30 college credits toward your Bachelor’s degree, or a total of 90 credits from the variety of sources listed below.

Our professional staff will assist our learners in developing a state of the art portfolio, a globally recognized and validated method of assessing life-long learning. Methodologies used to evaluate such learning include the College Level Examination Program, the Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES), and Barry University Challenge Tests. Licensure and certification credit, non-traditional transfer credit for military service (American Council on Education) and the Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI) are also considered for credit. Please ask your advisor to review the Assessment and Prior Learning Fact Book to identify how many sources are available for you!

Again, welcome to PACE!