Insurance Planning

This course introduces the wide variety of investment vehicles that may be included in a client’s portfolio. Topics include client assessment, tax considerations, economic factors, valuation methods, asset allocation techniques, portfolio performance evaluation, and more.

Refer to the more detailed topic list in CFP Board’s Guide to CFP® Certification.

  • Topic 15: Principles of Risk and Insurance
  • Topic 16: Analysis and Evaluation of Risk Exposures
  • Topic 17: Property, Casualty and Liability Insurance
  • Topic 18: Health Insurance and Health Care Cost Management (Individual)
  • Topic 19: Disability Income Insurance (Individual)
  • Topic 20: Long-term Care Insurance (Individual)
  • Topic 21: Life Insurance (Individual)
  • Topic 22: Income Taxation of Life Insurance
  • Topic 23: Business Uses of Insurance
  • Topic 24: Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Topic 25: Insurance Policy in Company Selection
  • Topic 26: Annuities

Employee Benefits Planning Topics:

  • Topic 27: Group Life Insurance
  • Topic 28: Group Disability Insurance
  • Topic 29: Group Medical Insurance
  • Topic 30: Other Employee Benefits
  • Topic 31: Employee Stock Options
  • Topic 32: Stock Plans
  • Topic 33: Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

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