General Principles of Financial Planning

This course is designed to introduce students to the financial planning process. This course focuses on the general principles required to become a successful planner which includes the ethics of the profession as well as the knowledge and skills to prepare a financial plan.

Refer to the more detailed topic list in CFP Board’s Guide to CFP® Certification.

  • Topic 1: Financial Planning Process
  • Topic 2: CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities and Disciplinary Rules and Procedures
  • Topic 3: CRP Board’s Financial Planning Practice Standards
  • Topic 4: Financial Statements
  • Topic 5: Cash Flow Management
  • Topic 6: Financing Strategies
  • Topic 7: Function, Purpose, and Regulation of Financial Institutions
  • Topic 8: Education Planning
  • Topic 9: Financial Planning for Special Circumstances
  • Topic 10: Economic Concepts
  • Topic 11: Time Value of Money Concepts and Calculations
  • Topic 12: Financial Services Regulations and Requirements
  • Topic 13: Business Law
  • Topic 14: Consumer Protection Laws

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