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Business Writing

Some people write easily and well. But for most of us – even those who express themselves quite well in conversation – putting our thoughts, ideas and instructions into a clear and communicative document can be very difficult. The PACE Institute’s Business Writing Seminar focuses on how to write in a clear, concise manner that will communicate your ideas or requirements clearly and call people to action.

The seminar simplifies the process by breaking it down into specific, solution-oriented topics:

  • Identify the most common business writing problems
  • Communicating professionally
  • How to organize your ideas before writing
  • Using correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure
  • Writing in a lively, persuasive manner
  • Choosing the right words
  • Electronic communication: e-mail is different!

The topics listed for each subject are typical examples. The specific training content and time duration can be customized to meet your precise needs.

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