Drop It at the Door

Barry University and The Arise Foundation


"Drop It at the Door"
~a two-day program to help manage
Stress, Anger and Frustration~

  • Is your job stressing you out and having an impact on your family?
  • Are you having a hard time separating your work from your home life?
  • Do you bring home the problems you have at work?
  • Do you bring your home problems to work?
  • Are you easily angered by insignificant actions of your children or partner?
  • Are you ready to end the constant feelings of being overwhelmed by work and family?

If you answered YES to even one of the questions above, then the ARISE DROP IT AT THE DOOR two day training program is what you need!

Gain new skills, techniques, tools and tips for:

  • handling difficult situations
  • managing anger
  • reducing stress
  • improving relationships
  • developing positive thinking
Drop It at the Door