As always, this project was a PACE team effort. Chuck Russo started the research on licensure credits back in 1993, which was completed by the late Ellen Scarborough, former Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Ellen also wrote the body of the text and was responsible for the fact sheet format. We are now in our 24th year (Fall 2017) of revisions and production and have entered the Fact Book on the Barry University/PACE website.

Special thanks to the late Madeleine Whittaker, Director of Transcript Evaluation, for her many suggestions and encouragement throughout the project. Thanks also to the former Registrar, Grace Schollmeyer, for her support; for comments by faculty and administrators; and to the late Sister Pat Dillon for proofreading and editing the original version

This edition of the Fact Book contains 24 licenses and 15 technical certifications as well as updates CLEP, DANTES, American Council on Education credit recommendations, and other options. We believe all the credit opportunities described in this guide will continue to be of great benefit to the adult learners we serve.

Judith O. Brown, Ed.D.
Associate Dean, Director Portfolio Program

Fall 2018: Fact Book Assessment