Student Advocate Award

Student Advocate Award

In celebration of social work month, the CHRSJ is opening nominations for the Student Advocate Award. A one-time financial award of $250.00 will be awarded to a Barry University student that can demonstrate a commitment to human rights and social justice in their community with a focus on one or more of the 5 initiatives of the School of Social Work’s Center for Human Rights and Social Justice.

The initiatives are as follows:

  1. Combatting Human Trafficking,
  2. Preventing Sexual Violence,
  3. Creating Communities Inclusive of Individuals with Diverse Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities;
  4. Advancing Trauma-Informed Research,
  5. Education and Practice, and Promoting Wellness in Marginalized Communities.

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge and support the significant contributions by a student, regardless of their field of study, to advance critical human rights and social justice issues impacting our local and global communities.

Students may nominate themselves or be nominated by faculty or staff at Barry University.
Nominees must submit the following:

  • the signed application (below),
  • a 1-2 page resume,
  • a brief narrative biography (max 100 words),
  • a 1-2 page description of how the work they are doing aligns with one (or more) of the CHRSJ initiatives, and
  • a letter of recommendation for the award by a Barry University faculty or staff member familiar with how the student’s passion for human rights and social justice has translated into the service, activism, and/or advocacy they are providing to populations and/or communities in need.

Application Submission due date: March 31st 2018

Nomination Criteria:

  1. Undergraduate/graduate student status
  2. Minimum GPA of 3.5
  3. Demonstrated commitment to human rights/social justice initiative(s) that supports the CHRSJ

Center for Human Rights and Social Justice Student Advocate Award Application

  • Name:
  • College/School/Dept:
  • Major:
  • Number of Years at Barry University:
  • List Initiative(s) linked to student’s advocacy:

Please be sure the following items are submitted with Application Checklist:

  1. Resume (1-2 page max)
  2. Brief bio (max 100 words)
  3. 1-2 page description of social justice and/or human rights orientated activities
  4. Letter of reference from a Barry University faculty or staff member
  5. Application packet submitted by May 30, 2017

*Signature of Applicant:

I verify that the above named student holds a GPA of 3.5 or higher

*Signature of Academic Advisor: 

*please submit an electronic copy of all application materials to