You're Invited to Walk the Labyrinth

You're Invited to Walk the Labyrinth

In honor of Peace Week 2019, the Barry community is invited to participate in a tradition designed to foster reflection through walking a labyrinth. Throughout Peace Week (Monday September 16-Friday September 20) from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at Andreas 111, students, faculty and staff are invited to walk the labyrinth as part of a class, club, organization, department or as an individual experience.

The Labyrinth Story:

The Labyrinth is one of the oldest known contemplative spiritual practices.  Labyrinths are found in many spiritual traditions and cultures throughout the world.  The ancients knew the circle to be the sacred symbol of harmony, wholeness, integrity and grace. Labyrinths hold the experiences and power of transformation within them.

You are about to step into an ancient archetypal path that is hundreds of years old. The pattern has been walked by millions of people of all cultures for many reasons.

The labyrinth is a sacred place set aside for you to reflect, look within, pray,  and negotiate new behavior. The rhythm of walking, placing one foot in front of the other, empties the mind, relaxes the body and refreshes the spirit. Follow the pace your body wants to go.

Feel free to come and walk the Labyrinth at your own pace.